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A tool for observing the standards for mathematical practice

May 10, 2012

The Five by Eight Card: A tool for observing

This 5 x 8 Card (from the organization SERP in conjunction with the Lawrance Hall of Science) was not designed as a teacher evaluation tool.  Rather, it is tool that focuses observers’ attention on what students are saying and doing so that their work (their thinking) can be at the center of educators’ discussions.

Components of the card are aligned with CCSS-M and promote a framework of equity by asking observers to attend to whether all students in a classroom have appropriate opportunities to development their mathematical understanding.

SERP team members have used the 5 x 8 Card to organize professional development for CCSS-M in combination with communities of practice for teachers, assistant principals, and principals.  In those settings, the 5 x 8 Card provided a framework for gathering evidence of student thinking between meetings for discussion within the communities of practice, thereby supporting schools as they adopted CCSS-M. To download the card and watch a video regarding its use go to.

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