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CCSS Update Workshops for CPM

May 7, 2012

CPM will hold 1 day summer workshops for teachers who have been using CPM but who plan to update to the CCSS editions for the coming school year (or those who will use the new table of contents with supplements recommended by CPM under CCSS) Reminder that CPM is offering discounts to current users on the new CCSS editions. These CCSS update workshops will be offered for 6th grade through Algebra 2 and they are course specific. All 6 courses will be offered in both locations given sufficient registration. The NO COST day long workshops are offered on Friday Aug 3rd in Ashwaubenon and repeated on Wed Aug 15th in Deforest. This means that if you teach two of these courses you could even attend both dates, each time for a different course. Registration details can be found at You may need to click on next page or adjust settings to see all course offerings in WI. We have 21 workshops scheduled for this summer in WI!

Enjoy these last few weeks of school!


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