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CPM Teaching Tip #16

February 1, 2012

This tip is about the Study Team Strategy called a “Huddle.” The CPM summer and school-year workshops model quite a few strategies and it is easy to overlook several of them once the school year begins. It also takes time for teachers who have never used study team strategies to become proficient using them. However, by using the strategies you will build confidence and expertise with them. Perhaps the most important aspect of using the strategies is that they focus the responsibility for working as a team and learning mathematics on the students.

This week consider using a Huddle. A Huddle (calling up a person from each team and talking with this group) is great because it can be used to get a problem started, pass out materials, tell the students something you forgot to talk about as you discussed the lesson, correct a common error you notice, or get feedback about what different teams are doing (what problem are they on, what strategy they used, what answer they g, etc.). For example, if you want students to carefully check their work, you can call a huddle and have each team representative share his or team’s strategy and answer. You can also call a Huddle to initiate a closure activity by asking questions and summarizing the lesson with each team representative, then having them go back and do the same thing with their team.

Notes: Use team roles or numbered heads to determine who comes up for the Huddle (not always the same person, of course). You may want students to bring up their book and/or paper and pencil for a Huddle. Your challenge is to use a Huddle every day this week for different parts of the lessons. Have fun with it, save time with it, and see how responsible your students can be when the teacher puts them in charge of information for their team!


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  1. Amy Skattebo permalink

    Great reminder!

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