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December 31, 2011

I came across a quote I liked in a book (that is not about math or teaching) and felt the need to adapt the quote to the idea of mathematics:

“When using mathematics the answer is not the goal, but nonetheless, if the mathematics had not reached an answer it would have not reached it’s goal either.”

In another book (that is about math teaching) I found this list: Four Characteristics of a Productive Classroom

1. Ideas are the “currency” of the classroom (all students ideas are valued)

2. There is often more than one approach to solving a problem (and we should respect each others ideas)

3. Students MUST understand that it is ok to make mistakes (and that mistakes are welcomed because they help us learn)

4. The correctness or reasonableness of a solution depends on the mathematics itself, not the status of the presenter (there is no authority when it comes to making sense of mathematics)

from Guided Math by Laney Sammons

Happy New Year!!!



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