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December 2, 2011

Here are some resources recommended for RTI interventions for kids who are behind in skills and concepts (from Michelle Parks at CESA 10)

“Do the Math Now” from Marilyn Burns/Scholastic?  It is designed to be a middle school intervention program (building off her “Do the Math” for elementary school). It focuses on the skills and concepts kids should fully understand when they leave middle school.

Also,  America’s Choice has some programs that look promising.

We’ve also started training our teachers here in CESA 10 using the “Math Add+Vantage” program from Math Recovery.  While this is really focused at grades K-6 we’ve found it very helpful for our upper level math teachers to gain access to this information so they can understand where the deficits may be coming from.

As with anything, it really comes down to what professional development the teachers are getting along with the program.

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