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Preliminary Table Of Contents for CPM’s new Core Connections Algebra book

November 21, 2011


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  1. Melanie Hendricks permalink

    I am wondering then in HS Algebra, where do the freshman start in the Algebra Connections book? Or is the Core connections meant to replace it?

    • The Core Connections 3 (for 8th grade) and the Core Connections Algebra (for freshman)both have parts of the current Algebra Connections book in them. We have gone from 5 books for 6th grade-ALgebra 2 to 6 books for 6th grade to Algebra 2. So Core Connections 3 and Core Connections Algebra don’t really replace any book but between the two books they do contain almost all of what was in Algebra Connections plus a lot more. The reason for these changes is of course to meet the Common Core State Standards. Under the new standards it is not very likely that you will have most of your 8th graders in an Algebra class because there are the 8th grade standards now (which is somewhat confusing because all of linear algebra chapters 1-4 are a part of 8th grade standards) and then there are high school year 1 Algebra standards. Hope this helps!

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