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Teaching Tip #10

November 18, 2011


Your tip this week is a reminder to keep up with the pacing of the course. If it is week 10 on a traditional schedule at your school you may likely be finished with the first three chapters of the book (of course this depends on your class schedule, which course you are teaching and specifics of your school year and students). Take a minute to note where you should be if you are keeping the pacing suggested in the teachers edition’s pacing guide and any reasons you may be ahead or behind. If you are ahead you want to make sure you are not sacrificing the level of mastery for some students. If you are behind you may want to make sure you are trusting in the curriculum and the philosophy of mastery over time. Remember that supplementing and trying to master a concept before moving on is not recommended. The first year of using a new text your best option is to teach it as is and keep the pacing as intended.  If students need more time with the lessons, focus on completing the core problems (listed in the teacher notes for each lesson) and let the other ones go. Also, remember that the homework assignments are where students get the practice!! If class time keeps getting away from you and you aren’t finishing a typical lesson during the time allotted try using a timer for your students. Give the classwork assignment out in pieces with expectations as to how much time they have for each piece. Have one student in each team keep track of time. (This is a good job for the Task Manager). If your pacing is behind don’t fret just make a plan of how you can keep the pace of one lesson a day going forward.


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