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More on CCSS including great videos

November 13, 2011

I spent the end of last week at the Wisconsin Mathematics Councils 2 day conference in Wausau and it was great! It gave me new insights and added depth to my understanding of both RtI and CCSSM. I believe the power points from the presenters will be available to WMC members online at some point. There is a repeat of this conference on Dec 1 and 2 in Oconomowoc so consider attending!

Some CCSS resources are listed below. I highly recommend the Inside Mathematics Project for support on the Standards for Mathematical Practice. There are videos and student work with teacher commentary for each of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. A great idea would be to pick one of the 8 practice standards to focus on each month for the remainder of the year. Watch a video and see how to get more from your classroom.


  • The Inside Mathematics Project has some incredible resources around the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, particularly the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  You will want to see the section at the bottom of the page on Mathematically Proficient Students, as well as the link to “Bringing the Mathematical Practice Standards Together: Establishing a Conversational Context for Mathematical Thinking.”
  • You can still register for the Wisconsin Mathematics Council’s December 1-2 Mathematical Proficiency for Every Student Conference focusing on interventions and Common Core Standards.  The conference will be held at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc.
  • NCTM President Mike Shaughnessy’s November message about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics provides some insights that may be helpful as you work with district educators in implementation of the CCSSM.
  • DPI has provided a number of helpful resources to support implementation of the CCSS, as well as guidance around the Principles for Teaching and Learning.  I would appreciate your suggestions for additional resources that should be included on the mathematics sites.
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