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Professional Learning Networks on Twitter

November 4, 2011

Always learning I am, and this week is no exception. In a technology meeting a few weeks ago we started with a discussion of what technology could you not imagine living without at this point in life and a local curriculum director, Sue Wilson from DeForest, mentioned Twitter. My thoughts on Twitter have always been that it is just one more thing I have to keep up with but I was surprised when she mentioned her professional Twitter account. Then a light bulb went on as she described her Professional Leaning Network (PLN) on Twitter. I have for awhile been wondering how to keep up with all the latest news on education as there is so much going on in our professional field. She explained how you can get Twitter feeds from well those talking about Mathematics Education (Dan Meyer) or Educational Researchers (Alfie Kohn) or from Professional Organizations (Education Week). Kinda like subscribing to all the professional organizations magazines for FREE!

So, I thought about it for a while and decided that I would try it. It’s only been 2 days but I don’t think I am turning back. It is a bit overwhelming to learn at first but its just a new language to speak. I have started to establish a PLN on Twitter where I can read blogs and articles from around the world on the educational topics of my interest. Note: In a twitter feed you often get a link to a website with more in depth information. I can also post my blog entries or my musings to the education world and get others input on my questions. On twitter you can follow those you wish and others can follow you.

So here are your options: If you are already on Twitter and have established a professional account then great (you are ahead of me and could give me tips). Please follow me at @TFrankPLN. If you are on Twitter but mostly for personal connections create a separate account for yourself to stay connected with the education world online. And lastly if you are not on Twitter consider it. I am attaching the link from DeForest School District who is encouraging their staff to create a PLN through Twitter. Thanks Sue for sharing this link with other districts. Their explanations are much more detailed than mine.

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