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Teaching Tip #5

October 3, 2011

As teachers, we often find it difficult to fit closure into the daily lesson but we also know that it is an important part of how students make meaning and deepen their understanding of the concepts taught. This week set your self a timer that will go off when there are 5-10 minutes left of class and force yourself to make time for closure. There are many good options for closure and there are suggestions for it in each lesson notes section in the CPM teacher editions but one way to make it a habit is to do the same type of closure each day for a week. You could have students do a Learning Log entry each day this week, or an Exit Slip, or use a Reciprocal Teaching to review and summarize the days work. Please share other thoughts on closure/summarizing the lesson.


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  1. I feel like I do a mediocre job at closing a lesson. I do a learning log 90% of the time. I just haven’t figure out what to do with the learning logs after they do them. I know that the learning log in itself is enough, I would just like a creative idea of what the students can do with the learning logs once they have created them. Creative meaning-no extra grading for me and they use them more than just the one time they create them.

  2. How about a 5 minute peer editing on them the next day as a warm up every once in a while? They work with a partner to read through and see how they could improve their work based on a simple writing rubric. (Makes sense, gives more than one way, defines vocabulary, complete sentences…) Then a healthy competition of who thinks they have a great Learning Log to share with the class or a random selection of a student to share for accountability?? OR???

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