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4-3-2-1 cards

September 25, 2011
Shared by Tricia Chmill
North Shore Middle School
Tricia uses these cards as a means of non verbal feedback to her students as they work in teams. She has the cards on a ring so she can turn them to the number that their teamwork displays. Teams may start out at a 4 but then get off task and go to a 1 or they may be at a 2 because not everyone is working and then work together to get up a 3 or 4. She doesn’t personally use this as any type of grade just as feedback to her students and she reports that it is motivating for her students and rewarding when they get to number 4. Here are what her cards say:
4: Awesome! Every team member is on task.  You are working together to solve problems!
3:  Good Work!  Most of your team is working well to solve problems together.  Can you find a way to improve?
2:  Disappointing… Is everyone doing their part?  Can the questions on the back of your role cards be used to better guide your work?
1:  Yikes!  You are way off task!  Are you doing your part to work well as a team?


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