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Extension Questions Always Ready on a Poster

September 22, 2011

A teacher who has students who are advanced a year in math was looking for ways to add depth to the CPM lessons. One idea we came up with is putting up a poster in the classroom of what kids can do when they finish a problem or a lesson and have extra time to go beyond the lesson. Below is the info for the poster. Feel free to modify and use it and give us all feedback on how it works in your classroom.

Ready for a challenge?

1. Do the problem again using another strategy or representation.

2. Test your solution. Write a justification of why you think your answer is correct.

3. Write down the connections between what you learned today and in the past. “This is like….because…”

4. Create a similar problem and solve it.

5. Create a more challenging problem to go with this lesson and solve it.


From → Teaching Tips

  1. THANKS for sharing! Begin sent to my school email to be made into a poster instantly tomorrow morning!

  2. Another idea is to make a poster on “What to do when you are stuck” to hang up next to the poster mentioned in this post. Having these two posters would help you differentiate the lesson so the students who are struggling will have a reference of all the ways to get support and the students who are moving along quickly to ask themselves additional questions to add depth to their knowledge. You can refer to these posters as you work with students and teach the students to refer to these posters on their own as well. Having these posters is a Tier 1 intervention (RTI) as it is made available for all students.

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