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September 22, 2011

Has anyone out there used the Build Your Own Curriculum Software with CPM materials?


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  1. David Bentz permalink

    Pulaski has most of the Geometry Connections in and some of the Algebra Connections. We are at a delay on finishing at this time.

    • Kent Wedmeyer (Sun Prairie, AC, GC) permalink

      Cardinal Heights in Sun Prairie is getting Algebra in by the end of October and we’ll definitely be looking at your geometry

  2. Sounds like you could help each other out if Pulaski is willing to share Geometry with Sun Prairie and Sun Prairie is willing to share Algebra. One question I have is would the Common Core State Standards change what you put in as your curriculum–especially for an Algebra course? Anyway, glad the 2 of you could connect on this.

    • David Bentz permalink

      We began putting Geometry Connections into BYOC in about October and tried to link as much as we could to the Core Standards. We have not done any backwards checking of what is missing. We wanted to just get it in and then adapt it later. Anyone is welcome to what we have.

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