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Teaching Tip #3

September 18, 2011

Have you checked out the NEW CPM Mathcasts? You  can watch a very short video of teaching tips for the lesson you are teaching tomorrow by going to

Remember that changing study teams every couple weeks or every chapter is a good rule of thumb. When you do create new teams, you should do an icebreaker so students can start to feel comfortable with each other and talk among themselves. These are not always included in the text so you will want to plan one into your lesson plan. There are some icebreakers and additional ideas at

This week is an excellent time for a Participation Quiz (see assessment handbook in your teachers edition) if you have not done one already. You can do more than one to add to the effect!

This week is a good time to review your grading system and assessment expectations with your students.

Share a comment here regarding icebreaker ideas or participation quizzes? Or ask a question for others to respond to.

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