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CPM Technology Meeting

September 14, 2011

CPM will be hosting a dinner meeting of the “techy” minds on Tuesday Oct 11th at 5 pm in the Madison area (Eastern side of Dane Country –exact location to be determined). The goal is to brainstorm around the topic of what will the future of curriculum and instruction look like. If you embrace technology in your classroom and always keep an eye out for the next best thing and how it may help you be a more effective teacher then this meeting is for you. Dinner will be provided by CPM and a free e-book license will be issued to anyone who takes the time to share. Let me know if you are interested.

I know many of you are too far away to attend this but if you would have input that you would be willing to give me via a phone call or Skype meeting that would also be valuable!!


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One Comment
  1. Jason Marin permalink

    Yes please! I have some great ideas and I think our district is ready to support them so this will a great opportunity to get other feedback. Look forward to seeing you then Tracy!

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