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Tip of the Week #2

September 13, 2011

Remember: more effort in September on study teams and expectations makes less work the rest of the year. A good discussion to have this week is about what makes a good team. Creating posters (using a Think-Ink-Pair-Share) that say what a good team “Looks Like, Sounds Like and Feels Like” help students to envision the expectations of a well functioning team. Any way that you can give feedback to how the teams are doing is very valuable!! Ideas include a written note to each team, a classroom conversation about what you or the students see, a positive comment to each team as you circulate (such as ” I see 5 teams that all have their notebooks open and are recording their work” or “I just heard a student ask their teammate what they think about the problem, that’s being a good teammate”).

A reminder that if students are struggling with homework in Chapter 1 that they should be getting help immediately as the topics in the homework are assumed to be topics they should have mastered from a previous course. The Homework Help at  is a great resource to share with students so they have support when doing homework. Remember Chapter 1 is an overview of the course and mastery of classroom topics is not expected. Have fun with these lessons and as students have success in class they will have fun too!


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  1. Tracy Frank permalink

    Share a way you are getting kids to connect in your classroom!

    • Susan permalink

      We’ve renamed the team roles (mostly stolen from another CPM teacher, but one is new one that we got from our physics teacher).

      Recorder/reporter is the Anchorman
      Resource Manager is the Teacher’s Pet
      Facilitator is the Coach
      Task Manager is the Skeptic

      Each team is 2 of hearts, 2 of spades, 2 of diamonds, 2 of clubs, etc. I have the cards picked out of a deck, so I can choose a card from the deck for a reader or to present information or answers.

  2. Kent Wedmeyer (Sun Prairie, AC, GC) permalink

    We’ve changed names too, probably stolen from various places.

    Recorder/Reporter is the Anchorman because we ran into problems of no one else recording with the old name
    Resource Manager is the Gopher as in they go for stuff when needed
    Facilitator is the coach and in charge of that the team is working as a team
    Task Manager is the Mathematician and in charge of making sure the team is using math in their discussions and is the only person who can ask the teacher math questions.

    We’ve also put colored dots in the middle of the table so a kid is assigned a role and a color so we know where all the Anchorpersons are

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