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CPM Regional Conference

Anyone interested in a great 1 day conference in the Madison area on August 2nd? We will be talking about the Common Core State Standards for Math, Standards Based Assessment, Teaching Statistics and Probability, RTI in the area of math and more. Register by May 31st for a discount!!! Go to to register!!!



I have been attending conferences the past two weeks and want to make a post about what I am continually hearing through so many voices at the National and State level. Under Common Core State Standards the area that is being called to attention in education is COLLABORATION. The curriculum is set, the assessment will soon be complete so the best thing schools can do to prepare is to create time for teachers to collaborate. During collaboration time teachers should focus on instruction. Teachers should work together using resources such as the progression documents to understand CCSS at a deep level. Then they should come to an agreement on the best practices for which to deliver the content. The cognitive rigor of a problem should be assessed so to ensure that students are being asked both low and high cognitive level questions. The Cognitive Rigor Matrix (Hess) is a great resource and has been adopted by Smarter Balanced as a defining tool for the level of each assessment problem. While CPM is stronger at Level 3 and 4 questions that many mathematics curricula there is still room for additional Level 4 questions/problems. One set of Algebra teachers I know is adding in Projects this year and that is raising the cognitive demand of their classes. Check it out!

Do you Tweet?

A new hashtag exists for CPM teachers to connect with each other. Use #cpmchat to connect with other teachers using CPM on twitter.


Back To School

Wishing everyone a great back to school this year. Share one thing you plan to add to your new year in the comments if you would like!  Questions are welcomed too!



Another school year is coming to a close and here is a THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE from me (just in case your students don’t tell you!)

An update from me personally is that I am no longer the Regional Coordinator  in WI for CPM but I will still be working for them in the role of a workshop leader. The reason I am taking a step down is because I have begun my own educational consulting business. I plan as of now, to keep up with this blog. I am looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead as I am reflecting on a year of hard work myself. May you find time this summer to rest, reflect, rejuvenate and prepare for a new year yourself. I once had a friend tell me, you have a great job as a teacher because each year has an end and a start and that offers time to reflect and make significant changes instead of just working every day and not having time to rethink what you do. May you find ways to rethink and grow in the field of education!


Tip on planning Assessment for next school year

This is a good time of the year to start planning for next year. If possible, have your math department take some time this week to talk about the following questions about assessment. Assessment decisions are mostly site based. While CPM provides you with an assortment of assessment resources (see Teacher Edition), each school should develop some common assessment practices that represent the consensus of the Mathematics Department.

The following questions are offered to start your local conversation:

  1. Why do we assess students
  2. What methods do we currently use to assess student understanding?
  3. What is the purpose of each of these types of assessment (formative, benchmark, summative, individual, team)?
  4. What would our assessment look like if we could start from scratch and build our assessment resources?
  5. What common assessments do we need to have as a department and what can be left up to each individual teacher?

Great Video on the call of CCSS

Phil Daro goes into detail on the problems of “Answer-getting,” one of the practices that the new Common Core Standards intend to greatly reduce.